Automation and triggers

Automation brings your email programme to life. Welcome the new people, re‑ignite your relationship with the old… and don’t let an abandoned basket go to waste.

Start the customer journey

Say hello to new customers

Get off on the right track with your subscribers. A welcome email makes your new arrivals feel valued.

Don't say goodbye to sales

Abandoned baskets are a fact of e‑commerce life. But it doesn't need to be the end. Encourage sales and drive up your revenue with an abandon basket email programme.

Reward loyalty

Loyalty emails make your customers feel recognised by your brand. Keep the relationship alive with points and rewards emails.

Strictly business

Not every email revolves around marketing. Transactional emails and other important notifications utilise the channel to its full potential.

Long time, no see

An inactive customer is an opportunity to learn. Send re‑engagement emails to invite old customers back, on their terms.