Campaign management

We don't build emails and leave you to it. We're here for the long haul.

Sit back while our team handles the platform work – from upload to distribution and beyond

Easy campaign management

Multi-platform experience

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Hubspot… you name it. We're experienced in all of the major email service providers.

Just starting out or thinking about migrating platform? We have an industry‑leading platform of our own.

Upload and testing

Loading your content is the first step. Relax as we test all content variations and present your email to stakeholders.

Segmentation is key

The days of spray & pray are long gone. Tell us who you want to target and we'll sort out the data processing and filtering.

Always A/B testing

We're big fans of split testing. Be it a subject line or image or any other aspect of your email, a carefully planned A/B test grants unique insight into your customers' needs.

Integration with other tools

Most modern email programmes are powered by more than one platform. Our team makes sure that your ESP integrates seamlessly with all software and services from e‑commerce plug‑ins to product recommendations.