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Why email marketing has become a more complicated landscape

Ian Gibbs, the director of insight at the Data & Marketing Association (DMA UK), discusses the impact of Apple on email measurability this year. While email remains a popular marketing channel due to its relevance, trust, and measurability, changes to Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) policy have significantly affected open-rate tracking. The MPP policy has led to inflated open rates, as pixel fires are generated even in cases where emails are delivered to spam or devices are not connected to wifi or power. This has raised concerns about the accuracy of open rates as a measure of campaign effectiveness. As marketers grapple with these changes, it’s crucial to explore alternative measurement metrics to capture campaign influence accurately. Additionally, the landscape of email marketing presents a mix of successes and challenges, prompting marketers to rethink their strategies for driving meaningful engagement in the face of uncertain economic situations.

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