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Why Writing Email Is a Skill—and Why Learning It Matters

The article highlights the importance of effective email communication in professional settings. It emphasizes the need for careful consideration when writing emails, just as one would for interviews or important conversations. The piece explains that despite the prevalence of email usage, many individuals don’t invest the same effort into crafting impactful emails as they do in other forms of communication. The author asserts that emails can greatly impact one’s career, reflecting their communication skills, professionalism, and competency. The article discusses the common mistakes made in email writing, such as lack of courtesy, unclear messaging, and grumpiness. It delves into the spotlight effect, which causes people to overestimate how much their emails are noticed and understood by others. Effective emails are defined as those that are focused on the recipient, arouse attention, are respectful, correctly written, concise, leave no room for interpretation, and have a clear call to action. The article concludes by encouraging readers to improve their email writing skills to enhance their career prospects.

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